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About Us

Welcome to Innovative Custom Concrete, where family values and stamped concrete craftsmanship converge in the heart of Salem, Virginia. Spearheaded by Antonio Arellano, a second-generation expert with over 15 years of invaluable experience, our dedicated team of fully trained professionals is committed to transforming your concrete dreams into reality.

Antonio, alongside his brother, draws inspiration from clients, friends, and family, as well as the guiding influence of a cherished mentor and friend, Salvatore Pinello. This dynamic blend of personal connection and professional expertise forms the bedrock of our business philosophy, ensuring that every project undertaken reflects not just technical precision but also a genuine understanding of the stories and aspirations behind each concrete endeavor.

At Innovative Custom Concrete, we don't just build surfaces; we craft lasting impressions and meaningful connections. Join us on a journey where concrete meets creativity, and where your vision becomes our masterpiece.

We see concrete & concrete is how we do it.

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To serve our customers with Honesty, Respect, Dignity, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence in our work.


Our unwavering focus is on providing an array of breathtaking alternative styles to complement the essence of your residential or commercial property. In the realm of decorative concrete, we believe that every project is a canvas for realizing dreams—it's simply a matter of selecting the style, color, and finish that resonate with your unique taste and desires.

With an extensive footprint in the concrete industry, our expertise spans all phases of construction in the local area and its surroundings. Our journey has been marked by a continuous quest for excellence, during which we've honed our skills and mastered a spectrum of cutting-edge techniques, pouring methods, and concrete finishing styles. Through years of exploration, one facet has emerged as particularly thrilling, exquisite, and appealing: the realm of decorative concrete.

At Innovative Custom Concrete, we not only pour concrete; we pour passion, creativity, and a commitment to turning each project into a masterpiece. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of traditional concrete work, offering you not just surfaces but personalized expressions of art. Your vision, our expertise—we transform dreams into reality, one decorative concrete creation at a time.

We strive to serve and make our customers dream projects come true.


  • Imply the importance in everything we do to be grounded in a commitment to honor God (Ethics).

  • Commitment that each customer will be treated with integrity, dignity, and respect (Values).

  • Centered in loyalty the value of each customer, staff and business partners is what makes us a family business (Relationship-Honesty).

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